web development

digital marketing


A personal website for Karine Makartichan -
an artist, photographer and an art instructor.

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A website for a Boston based barber shop 
with an online scheduling functionality.

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A website for a children library in India.
A website is created on a WordPress platform.

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A website for a Boston based consulting company
specializing on social media and digital marketing.

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A website for a camera store in Armenia.
This website contains an independent CMS.

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A website for a Boston based crossfit community.
A simple and stylish landing page design.

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Deep design is an attractive, sophisticated and original design solution that appeals to have not only a cognitive but also an emotional impact on customers. Deep design solutions are more relevant to product or services targeting emotional or recreational needs such as concerts, restaurants, bars, coffee shop and so on. 

Simple design is applicable for products or services requiring cognitive perception. In this category, the main emphasis is on product description and usage rather than its emotional aspects. Therefore, the design solution is more simple and neutral with more emphasize on text or photo content.

Step 1: Send us your task description and available budget here. We will evaluate your project and will schedule a deadline

Step 2: Send us your text and photo materials to start the project. We will send you a draft version of a product design shortly.

Step 3: Approval and improvement notices (if any). 50% prepayment after approval*

Step 4: We send you the final project. Paying the remaining 50% of the project cost

* In case if you don’t like the draft version we will work on alternative options without any prepayment.